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Korean Studies Courses for Spring 2018

Sophomore-level Courses
37551 Introduction to Korean Politics (Professor Ki-Suk Cho)

This course introduces basics of Korean politics. The course is designed to briefly review the modern history of Korean politics and analyze the dynamics of contemporary Korean politics. It will introduce four different epistemological perspectives useful in analyzing politics and social phenomena. Epistemology is like a lens through which we view the world. The course will cover the definition of politics, the contemporary Korean politics and civil society including major political institutions (legislature, political parties, and intermediary groups such as labor union, women’s groups and religious organizations), political culture, elections, history of civil society and civic activism. Prior knowledge of the Korean politics or political theories is not required. Throughout the semester, students will read famous Korean novels to understand Korean society and politics.

37553 Introduction to Modern K…

Korean Studies One-Day Workshop for International Students (12/26)

Korean Studies Workshop for International Students (December 26th, 2017)

Museum Visit, Korean Food Cooking Class & K-pop Dance Class

Young Asian Culture Sharing Forum


Pizza for Korean Studies major and minor students (Oct. 25, 2017)

Organized by Korean Studies, Division of International Studies, 

Scranton College.

WENDESDAY                                              608 IEB

OCTOBER 25                                     11:30 to 13:30


Please come freely and pick your 

pizza between 11:30 and 13:30 on 

Wednesday (10/25) at 608 IEB.

Bursaries and Scholarships for UK students of Korea

http://www.baks.org.uk/wptest/scholarships/ (1) The British Korean Veterans Association / Samsung Post-Graduate Scholarshipto Study in Korea The British Korean Veterans Association and the Samsung Corporation, through the Bursary Committee of the British Association for Korean Studies, are offering a full scholarship (up to £15,000) to one graduate student for 2018-2020 to pursue full-time academic study in South Korea.  Applications are now open for the 2018-2020 Samsung / British Korean Veterans Association / The Royal British Legion Scholarship.   Deadline is 10 December 2017.
(2) British-Korean Society Post-Graduate Bursary  Deadline is 6 April 2018. The British-Korean Society, through the Bursary Committee of the British Association of Korean Studies, is offering four £1,000 bursaries on a competitive basis to post-graduate students.
(3) The British Korean Veterans Association / Samsung Undergraduate Study Year Abroad Bursary  Deadline is 6 April 2018. The British Korean Veterans Associat…

Job Opportunity (Journalism)

News agency United Press International is expanding Korea/Asia coverage. We are looking for a writer to be based in Seoul, South Korea to cover breaking news and do enterprise reporting on issues of global importance.

Applicants should be proficient speakers and writers in English and Korean and have some experience reporting and writing news. A grasp of wire service style and best practices for objective, well-sourced reporting are required. Some digital news experience preferred. This is a contract position. 

Local applicants only; no relocation benefits.  Send a resume and writing samples to jobs@upi.com.

Korean Studies Courses for Fall 2017

Junior Level Courses
37571 Governance and Human Security in East Asia (Professor Brendan Howe, Ph.D.)
This course examines the duty to care incumbent on those who govern towards those who are governed in East Asia. It starts with an inquiry into the concept of “governance,” examining the multitude of political, economic, and ethical dilemmas and theoretical issues associated with it from the perspective of the universal entitlement rights and concurrent responsibilities associated with the concept of global citizenship. It then moves on to discussing the pragmatic issues generated by concerns about human security, organizing them around a set of “responsibilities” towards the most vulnerable sections of national and international society.  The world of today seems to be prone to conflicts, some of which are so violent that they pull down governance and public administration institutions and structures. In such instances, the whole governance and public administration system and structu…